Danica Style

Domaine Danica style is simplicity itself.  We tamper with the natural evolution of the wine, as little as possible.  In order to accomplish this result, we begin with high quality fruit grown by a handful of carefully selected and dedicated growers.

            While each wine is produced differently, the underlying style is the same.  All of our growers manually harvest the grapes from vineyards which produce less than three tons per acre.  At the winery, we hand sort every grape.  There are a variety of methods we use to determine whether a grape will be included in the finished batch.  Generally, one can determine the quality of the fruit visually.  If a particular berry looks under ripe or over ripe, it is tossed.  If it has any hint of mold, it is tossed.  If we are not quite sure of its quality, we taste the fruit.  If a cluster tastes too sour or too sweet, it is tossed.  We discard any grape which does not meet our standards.  You will also not see the term “crush” used at Domaine Danica.  We do not crush anything.  All of our red wines are whole berry fermented and our Chardonnay is whole berry pressed.  All of our wines are unfined and unfiltered.

 If you have a chance to experience all of the Domaine Danica wines, you will notice that, regardless of the varietal, they all display an underlying taste profile which we refer to as the Danica style.  All of our wines are full bodied and complex.  The Danica style arises from the efforts of Ron Kohut, our winemaker.  It has been said that like the soil, the soul and moods of the winemaker are imparted to the wine.