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Best Double Strollers

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Having your second child is a very different challenge and experience than having your first. You quickly become aware that the long, wonderful days of just staring into your baby’s eyes, and the hour long peekaboo games is a first child thing because once you have the second child, you still have to take your toddler to the grocery store and playgrounds. Being able to physically take both your children around with you can be a challenge, especially if you are on your own. This is where the best double strollers come into their own. Transporting your littles ones around, without having to worry about difficulty level of assembling and disassembling the double stroller has to be a very important factor.

As with most of the best double strollers, the majority of them a big and heavy (normally between 80-100ibs) and they can be quite expensive. Choosing the best double stroller to suit your needs can be a challenge, and it’s definitely not a decision to make lightly. One of the most important factors to keep in mind is the age difference between the children. The double strollers that we recommend for newborn twins are completely different from the double strollers for lets say a newborn and a infant. Most toddlers that have a close age gap (1-2 years apart) seem to be comfortable in almost all of the best double strollers, while children that have an age gap for 2-4 years will often need a side-by-side stroller or a tandem stroller where your can adjust both seat sizes to fit each child size.

Other double strollers to look out for, especially if there is a wider age gap between the children are sit and stand strollers and lightweight double umbrella strollers. Sit and Stand strollers are designed to designed to do exactly what the name suggests, allow you youngest child to sit in the stroller, while you eldest can have the option of standing at the back, especially when walking becomes tiresome. Double Umbrella strollers are designed to be extremely lightweight and very easy to fold away and store in the trunk of a vehicle. A lot of parents opt for the double umbrella stroller when taking two toddlers (that can walk) to the park, so mummy and daddy can fold the stroller away while they play and hold the stroller like an umbrella (as the name suggests), then unfold it while the kids get tired and need a ride home. As you can see from this short article, there are many different types of double strollers on the market, and selecting the correct one can be a difficult decision. We at have selected one the best double strollers and we have reviewed each type and brand to ensure that we help you make an informed decision to not only help with the prices but more importantly, for your childs comfort and pertection from elements.

Scores and medals

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After working hard there is nothing better then a pat on the back and a note that all your work is appreciated.  We’ve worked hard on our new website to make it prettier and faster, and we found great help from the Speed up WordPress article on Feel free to check them out to speed up your WordPress site as well.
Following are some of the kind words and nice pats that have encouraged us to continue doing what we love


2000 Salzgeber Vineyard,  Russian River Zinfandel 

Wine X Magazine: Three X’s (their highest rating!)

“Best of 2002”  Wine X Magazine   

“Lip smackin’ good Zin.  Excellent. Best Wine”  Colorado Wine News

Silver Medal, 2003 Florida State Fair

Silver Medal, 2002 California State Fair

Silver Medal, 2003 Eastern International Wine Competition

 1999 Carneros Pinot Noir

“Smart  Buy! Nice Pinot with a flavor for just about any dish you want to match it with.” PinotReport, 4/03

“Best California Pinot Noir tasted in 2002,”  Philadelphia Wine School 

90 Points, The Great Pinot Noir Shootout*

 *(Only 18 out of 171 wines scored 90 or above points.  Highest rating was 94 points)

Gold Medal at the 2002  International Eastern Wine Competition 

4 Stars,  Beverage Dynamics Magazine Jan/Feb 2003

Silver Medal, 2003 Dallas Morning News Wine Competition

Silver Medal, 2003 Florida State Fair

2000 Anderson Valley Chardonnay 

91 Points, Wine Enthusiast Magazine

1999 Sonoma County Zinfandel

91 Points, Wine and Spirits Magazine

89 Points, Wine Enthusiast

87 Points,  Robert Parker, Wine Advocate

Gold Medal at the 26th annual Orange County Fair

“Best Wine”  Colorado Wine News

1998 Napa Valley Merlot

Silver Medal at The San Francisco Wine Competition

1998 Zinfandel

Gold Medal at the 24th annual Orange County Fair

89 Points, Robert Parker’s, The Wine Advocate

4 out of 5 stars at


1999 Sonoma County Zinfandel

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Vintage: 1999

Varietal:  100% Zinfandel

Appellation:  Russian River

Vineyard:  Salzgeber Vineyard

Production: 220 Cases

Alcohol: 15.5 %

Aging: 15 months 100% New French Oak

Bottled: Unfined and Unfiltered

Winemaker, Ron Kohut

 Zinfandel Reviews

Winemaker’s Comments:

 Dark, rich ruby color.  On the nose, plums, blackberries and a hint of brown sugar.  On the palate a blackberry and vanillin spice infusion .     


Winemaker’s Notes

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 * All of our wines are unfined and unfiltered

The 2000 Salzgeber Vineyard Zinfandel

The 2000 Sonoma County Zinfandel is from a small vineyard in the Russian River Valley named Salzgeber Vineyard.  The vineyard primarily grows Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir but it has a small area of about two acres of old vine Zinfandel

 “Aromas of bright raspberry and toasty oak lead to a palate of richly flavored notes of blackberry jam and spice.”


1999 Carneros Pinot Noir

The 1999 Carneros Pinot Noir is our premier vintage of Pinot Noir.  It is 100% Vineburg Vineyard Pinot Noir.  Vineburg Vineyard is located in the small town of Vineburg which is situated between Napa and Sonoma in the Carneros appellation. 

“Forward cherry and raspberry fruit that with a swirl of the glass transforms into hints of leather, tobacco and cherry liquor”


The 2000 Demuth Vineyard Pinot Noir and The 2001 Demuth Vineyard Chardonnay

The 2000 Pinot Noir is from a small vineyard named Demuth Vineyard.  Demuth Vineyard is located on one of the highest points in Anderson Valley.  It is cooler than other portions of Anderson Valley.  All of the vines are at least 15 years old and the yields are extremely low (Less than 2 tons per acre)

 The Pinot Noir (Not yet released)

“Elegant, notes of Black Cherry, Strawberry, and subtle hints of sweet oak”

 The “Cloudy day” Chardonnay (very limited availability)

We nicknamed the Chardonnay “Cloudy day” since it appears a bit cloudy due to bottling it unfined and unfiltered.  By not fining and filtering the chardonnay the wine remains in its most concentrated form. 

“Bright tropical fruit, vanilla and sweet toasty oak lead to a richly textured palate of Crème Brulle, spicy apples and pear”


Danica Style

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Domaine Danica style is simplicity itself.  We tamper with the natural evolution of the wine, as little as possible.  In order to accomplish this result, we begin with high quality fruit grown by a handful of carefully selected and dedicated growers.

            While each wine is produced differently, the underlying style is the same.  All of our growers manually harvest the grapes from vineyards which produce less than three tons per acre.  At the winery, we hand sort every grape.  There are a variety of methods we use to determine whether a grape will be included in the finished batch.  Generally, one can determine the quality of the fruit visually.  If a particular berry looks under ripe or over ripe, it is tossed.  If it has any hint of mold, it is tossed.  If we are not quite sure of its quality, we taste the fruit.  If a cluster tastes too sour or too sweet, it is tossed.  We discard any grape which does not meet our standards.  You will also not see the term “crush” used at Domaine Danica.  We do not crush anything.  All of our red wines are whole berry fermented and our Chardonnay is whole berry pressed.  All of our wines are unfined and unfiltered.

 If you have a chance to experience all of the Domaine Danica wines, you will notice that, regardless of the varietal, they all display an underlying taste profile which we refer to as the Danica style.  All of our wines are full bodied and complex.  The Danica style arises from the efforts of Ron Kohut, our winemaker.  It has been said that like the soil, the soul and moods of the winemaker are imparted to the wine.

Domaine Danica Wines

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Domaine Danica was founded in 1998 by Ron Kohut. After spending over thirty years visiting various wine regions and amassing a large cellar, he created Domaine Danica so that he could make wines the way he wanted them. 100% free run Chardonnay and bold juicy Zinfandels have defined Domaine Danica as a daring and exciting wine producer in Sonoma County.

Domaine Danica Winery

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Domaine Danica Winery

Wine Sonoma, California – Sonoma County is the second most popular wine district in California. It includes an area approximately 35 miles long by 35 miles wide. It contains broad flat fields, gently rolling hills and parts of the adjacent Pacific Coast. On the east, Sonoma County wine region borders Napa Valley along the Mayacamas Range. About two million years ago, volcanic eruptions deposited a series of ash and lava called the Sonoma Volcanics throughout much of Sonoma and Napa wine regions, especially along the Mayacamas Range. The western edge of the County is the California coastline along the Pacific Ocean. Sonoma County borders Mendocino County in the north and Marin County in the south. The wine appellation of Sonoma County contains more than one million acres of land of which 60,000 acres are planted with wine grapes. Sonoma has over 300 wineries, so the wine industry here is on a smaller scale than that of the Napa wine region. The top wine producers in Sonoma concentrate on producing prime wine grapes for the premium segment of the wine market. Sonoma’s climate is slightly cooler than that of Napa Valley, and it varies dramatically depending on the appellation. Offshore breezes and fogs keep temperatures cool for ocean-side vineyards. Chardonnay takes the lead as the most planted wine variety with 15,400 acres, and Cabernet Sauvignon is the next most planted wine variety with 11,800 acres. The area crushed about 166,000 tons of wine grapes or about six percent of California’s total wine type tonnage in 2004.